TYPO3 Agency Startup Package

Application by
Robert Lindh and Mathias Bolt Lesniak

What is your idea about?
"During 12 months, we will create and implement a reusable package for attracting new web agencies to TYPO3, in regions where the CMS is largely unknown. The package will be made for agencies by agencies and guide businesses all the way to acquiring their first TYPO3 client.

We will develop a marketing and onboarding plan that can be reused by the TYPO3 community in any location and any language. While building the package, we will test it in our own market, Scandinavia. We will also welcome collaboration with community members from other regions to ensure that the package can be translated and implemented in other locations during 2021.

This is an outline of the basic implementation steps in the package.

  1. Outreach (finding new agencies)
    i. Exposure in media, blogs, etc. With topics, content examples, and talking points.
    ii. Attractive videos demonstrating core TYPO3 features and the value they have for agencies and clients. Ready for voice-over in any language.
    iii. Webinar scripts with on ready-to-go presentations, screen recordings, and social media marketing plan for attracting participants.

  2. "“Getting started with TYPO3"” for agencies
    i. Introduction courses for people in different agency roles
    ii. To-do lists for building the agency’s internal marketing and expertise.
    iii. Exams
    iv. Templates

Points 2.x will have a high value to the recipient agencies. This part can be offered for free, but later can be offered as a paid service by the TYPO3 community to maintain quality and cover costs."

What is the potential impact of your idea?
We believe onboarding new agencies is essential to spreading and growing TYPO3 in new regions. As an agency in a part of the world where TYPO3 is unknown to most people, we see the need for growing the community around us. Competition is necessary to show end-clients not only that TYPO3 is great, but that there is a resilient community of agencies supporting it. Moving from a single to a handful agencies in one country might be the most difficult step.

Who can / should implement your idea?
We can take care of it ourselves, but also welcome collaboration partners.

Approximate Funds needed
€25,000 - €50,000


I’d expect the introduction courses to have nice synergies with Micro Certifications . Especially 2.i seems ideal for cooperation, as the basics in getting acquainted with TYPO3 will not differ for the education and business sector during the onboarding process.


Even though I don’t work in an agency, I like this very much. Some further ideas:

I would find it very cool if the various projects for courses, videos, documentation etc. could coordinate with each other so the result is not a patchwork but homogenous learning and introduction material consisting of:

  • course material
  • videos
  • exam (certification) notes and syllabus
  • documentation on docs.typo3.org
  • skilldisplay paths
  • example extensions
  • distributions e.g. as extensions or Docker / ddev containers (e.g. Introduction Package, “Developer package” etc.)
  • etc.

This way, the learning material could be consistent.

If you make improving the documentation a part of your efforts you could also link and refer to documentation from the course and be sure it is consistent with what you are teaching.

Newcomers sometimes point out flaws in the documentation or things that are not well usable or unnnecessarily complicated. That could even be an ongoing process which would collect feedback from the new agencies and use it to improve things.

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I very much agree with you. This is a benefit both for marketing and documentation. Clearly laying out learning and onboarding paths for different target groups would make it easier to get “hooked” on TYPO3. In this sense, a curriculum (in education) is the same as a funnel (in marketing).


Great idea! In the core we try to minimize the possible variants how sites can be setup by improving and documenting the best practice. so please before any implementation is done, talk to the core team about the best way