Micro Certifications

Application by
"Marc Willmann

What is your idea about?
Getting started with TYPO3 - let alone getting certified is still a daunting challenge. The TYPO3 Education Team is dedicated to establishing structures and material to ease the onboarding for others and empower educators who act as multipliers. Having established a solid skill foundation for TCCE, TCCI and TCCD - we will use this structure to create a test use case for Micro-Learning and Micro-Certification in the education sector. Over the course of this project the Education Committee will: - Choose a set of skills from each Certification (in first step: at least 60 skills, more/rest will follow) - Create Micro-Learning units which cater to the “inverted classroom” technique, which has the advantage of being tailored for self-study while supporting mentorship in educational facilities and/or companies - Offer Micro-Certification for said units, to offer an entry level certification for beginners - Create a first draft for a MVP program for Educators - Create first connectors for my.typo3.org and SkillDisplay for having relevant information directly on my.typo3.org What is the potential impact of your idea - Increasing the usage of TYPO3 in the education sector - Growing the Community - Identifying education hot-spots for TYPO3 - Supporting Learners with Open Source Material - Increasing motivation for Certification by evaluating a new approach - Split the knowledge for exam takers into sub parts The Education Committee needs to partner up with: - Educational Institutions / Universities who are interested in testing and helping to develop the use case - The TYPO3 GmbH (technical implementation for connectors and visualization on my.typo3.org) - SkillDisplay (technical implementation for connectors, methodology coaching where appropriate) We would appreciate the help of the T3A in order to connect with the according stakeholders).

Who can / should implement your idea?
TYPO3 Education Team

Approximate Funds needed
63.860,00 €


As @floweiss1 has suggested in a reply to TYPO3 Agency Startup Package, these two ideas can have nice synergies.


Yes, I second that. :slight_smile:


I think this project can have synergies with Spanish TYPO3 Training site