Re: OTRS Migration: Looking for Feedback

Hi Peter,

I’ve also tested the interface. Looks good so far.> But I didn’t respond to any ticket to not cause confusion for any

The mail functions are not configured on this installation anyway :slight_smile:

Since OTOBO is just a fork and brings a slightly updated interface I don’t expect major trouble.

Yes, thats right.

Is the long term goal still to replace OTRS/OTOBO with another solution or do you plan to stick with OTOBO if it works out as a sustainable solution?

I don’t really care, because i do not use OTRS that often. If someone
does come up with a vialable alternative, we can consider a switch for
sure. When i could choose, i’d like to integrate this service into a
already running software, for example by using our GitLab’s service desk
feature, or maybe by leveraging some of Discourse’s features ([1]).

For the moment, i’d like to switch to OTOBO anyway, so we have a
supported installation with ongoing (security) updates again.

Have a good day,


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