OTRS Migration: Looking for Feedback

Dear otrs.typo3.org User,

The support for OTRS community edition was suddenly discontinued by the
company behind (OTRS AG, for details, see [1]). We looked for
alternatives and choose to test a migration to OTOBO (see [2]).

This test installation is up and running at https://otrs.typo3.dev/ with
migrated data from our current installation as of today (technical
details in [3]).

While i use OTRS almost everyday by myself, i cannot really assess
whether all used functions do still work and all data was migrated as
everyone would expect. You have been identified as key user of our
current ticket system and i’d like to ask for your feedback therefore.

Please take a few minutes, check the migrated installation at
https://otrs.typo3.dev/ and let me know your thoughts. If possible, i’d
like to finish the final migration next week, or probably the week after.

If you have any questions, please contact me here or in Slack.

Have a good day and thank you in advance,

[1] https://otrs.com/release-notes/attention-security-risk-with-otrs-6/
[2] https://otobo.de/en/community/
[3] https://gitlab.typo3.org/services/otrs.typo3.org/otrs/-/issues/3

As far as I can see, it works. Is there a way to send mails to the dev environment?

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There is no way at the moment, however i tested the mail function locally before i did the test migration. Let me know if you’d like to test something in particular, i’ll connect a test mail account when required.

Hi Peter,

I’ve also tested the interface. Looks good so far.> But I didn’t respond to any ticket to not cause confusion for any

The mail functions are not configured on this installation anyway :slight_smile:

Since OTOBO is just a fork and brings a slightly updated interface I don’t expect major trouble.

Yes, thats right.

Is the long term goal still to replace OTRS/OTOBO with another solution or do you plan to stick with OTOBO if it works out as a sustainable solution?

I don’t really care, because i do not use OTRS that often. If someone
does come up with a vialable alternative, we can consider a switch for
sure. When i could choose, i’d like to integrate this service into a
already running software, for example by using our GitLab’s service desk
feature, or maybe by leveraging some of Discourse’s features ([1]).

For the moment, i’d like to switch to OTOBO anyway, so we have a
supported installation with ongoing (security) updates again.

Have a good day,


The migration was completed today. The new, OTOBO based ticket system is available at ticket.typo3.org. Please approach us if you encounter any problems.