Funding for implementing Rector & Fractor rules

by Simon Schaufelberger

What is your idea about?
The community is using TYPO3 Rector to upgrade websites to newer versions but writing the rules is complex and very time consuming.

Since the TYPO3 Rector Code Sprint in March 2024 a new code migration tool is developed besides TYPO3 Rector called Fractor. This framework will provide the base for TypoScript rules, FlexForm rules, Yaml rules and other file types.

What do you want to achieve by the end of Q3 2024?

The focus for my budget idea would be to migrate most existing rules which where thrown away with the new TYPO3 Rector release to Fractor Rules and provide a way to not only migrate PHP files but all different file types that TYPO3 uses.

What is the potential impact of your idea for the overall goal?

Faster and cheaper TYPO3 Upgrades because many migrations can be automated.

Which budget do you need for your idea?
7.500 Euro

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This will be a follow up from Funding for implementing rector rules Q2/2024