Web_Layout not found

Hello…i was uptated a Typo 6.2 to 7.5 on a localhost win7 with PHP 7.3
after check all tables and extensions will works fine.
But not The Page in top said: Mod web_layout not found.
Thats to bad to work in the Contents of pages.
Any Idea?

Welcome, Jorge!

This question was once answered in a mailing list, so I’m pasting in @oktopuce’s answer from there in here. Let me know if it works! (Good to get it into this forum!)


I suggest you to try this :
deactivate all third party extensions
clear the cache with the install tool (included OpCode cache)
look if the backend is right
try reinstall extensions one by one

Have a look in server logs.


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Yeah…thats a good answer…but not enough …delete the PackageStates.php in the typoconfig/ just only some system module are installed

by the way…

Hi Jorge!

OK, if I understand you correctly, you have tried all of the steps above, including clearing all caches, and even deleted and recreated PackageStates.php.

It’s a long time since I worked on upgrades to v7, so let’s check some of the other fundamentals:

  1. You say you upgraded to 7.5. I assume you mean 7.6, which is the highest minor release of v7. Using 7.5 instead of 7.6 would be a bad idea.
  2. I also assume your backend user is an admin.
  3. Have you reset backend user settings (or your user settings in User Settings → Edit and Advanced Settings → Reset user settings to default state)?
  4. What is the current selection for startup module in the user settings (in the Startup tab)? If web_layout (Page module) is not active, but it’s selected as default module in your user settings, you will get an error message similar to what you’re getting, when logging in.

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Hello Mathias…thanks for spend your time…right 7.6…now i dowgrade to 7.0 and gets a lot after problems…backend likes good but no extensions takes to activate

and a white side…same shit smile really i spend my time for this experince…on a xampp php 7.3

and all my thirdparts Extensions will never work…

Good Idea >>User settings to default

I will stop this Project

Regards from me

Hi Jorge!

Downgrading to TYPO3 7.0 is definitely not the way to go. 7.6 is the LTS version and the one with all the bug fixes. Of course, the LTS has expired, but 7.0 was only a milestone release on the way to 7.6, with mostly breaking changes from v6 LTS. I would recommend you to always uprade between LTS versions. :slight_smile:

Best wishes


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