User-Permission: Add page with "limit to language"


We have different groups of editors in different countries. They should be able to edit there own languages’ content and, if they have proper access on the specific tree branch, should be able to add new pages.
Since “add page” needs the permission to work in the default language (sys_language_uid = 0), a “limit to language” in the usergroup seems to make this impossible. We could limit editor to their language plus the default language, but that would mean that every such editor could mess with the default language as well. Is there a way around that?

Thanks for any help even hinting in the right direction.


Hi Christian!

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TYPO3’s has two multilingual concepts: single-tree and multi-tree. What you have is a single-tree setup, but the functionality you want would be possible with a multi-tree setup.

  • In a single-tree setup, the page structure is the same and based on the default language’s structure. You basically translate pages and keep the structure the same. This makes switching languages easy in the frontend. (You can of course hide individual pages in the default language or choose to not allow a page to be untranslated, but it still references the default language’s page structure.)

  • In a multi-tree setup, you create different tree structures for each language. This allows full structural freedom in each language, but switching between languages in the frontend is harder, because you don’t have an exact 1:1 relationship between pages in each language.

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Hi Mathias,

thanks for your reply. I’m afraid, we don’t have the luxury to choose a multi-tree setup here since we need a complex language fallback strategy here.

I guess we will have to put some work in this on our own. We will extend the standard permissions to get an “editor can create new pages” functionality that will give an editor the option to create a page with the “Hide default language of page” and the “Hide page if no translation for current language exists” flags set if he doesn’t have the permission to insert a “full” new page. That way, the editor can create a page that will only be visible in the language(s) he is restricted to. We don’t know yet wether we can really use the calls of the standard buttons and menus for that (preferable) or need a new button with its own logic just for that. That would stand out a little bit, but in the end it would do the job.

I think it is one of a few missing features around the language and translation concept at the moment that needs fixing and some thoughts put into it. But I learnt today that there is a special group inside the TYPO3 community, trying to get a few things together around that topic. I will try to get in touch with them.

Thanks again