Upgrade from version 4.5 to 10.x

Hi everybody!

Stating in advance that I’m a totally beginner with the platform (but I managed as a syadmin a lot of web services over the last twenty years) I inherited a pretty old 4.5 installation of typo3, and would like to upgrade it to a supported release.
I would like to know which would be the best course of action to move between these two (pretty far) LTS versions: do I have to move to 6.x, then to 8.x and then to 10.x (following the relative upgrade documentation in each case)? and if I have to follow this road it’s ok to use the github tarballs of the latest 6 and 8 releases to do the intermediate upgrades?
are there any important gotchas that I’m missing?
thanks in advance for your assistance!

Matteo Bernardini

Hi this is the the correct update path. It is okay to use the latest version tar ball of each release.

That said the Upgrade from 4.5 to 6 is a hefty one because there are a lot of breaking things.
The successiv Updates are smother. But Depending on your installation can still be trouble some especially if you have extension which are not longer supported in newer versions.

I would suggest to check if a rebuild in a newer versions is more promising.

There two major changes in best practice which affect nearly ever TYPO3 installation

  1. composer is now the recommend way of installation (so consider if you also want to migrate this project to composer)

  2. realurl/cooluri is replaced by core routing. This means you need to take extra care if you need stable urls.

Ohh and it might be that extension force you to perform smaller upgrade steps as not all extensions support direct updates to the latest one.

Hi Matteo,

you should also try out typo3-rector.
It will help you with your custom extensions to get updated more easily.

Currently a rewrite is ongoing so you might check the #ext-typo3-rector channel in slack to get info if you got some struggles with instaling