Update Outdated Screenshots in the Official Documentation

Application by
Lina Wolf

What is your idea about?
Replace all Screenshots used in the official Documentation that are not conforming to the official Styleguide https://docs.typo3.org/m/typo3/docs-how-to-document/master/en-us/GeneralConventions/GuidelinesForImages.html or that are displaying outdated views of the Backend. Complete this by October 2021 for the planned release of LTS11

What is the potential impact of your idea?
Showing up-to-date and consistent screenshots is important to people learning TYPO3 as they are able to relate what they are seeing to their own installations. It lowers frustration potential while learning TYPO3. Consistency in style is relevant to present a professional image and assures readers, that the documentation (and the product) is a reliable source of information.

Who can / should implement your idea?
I have an Azubi who can do most of the work and will support him myself

Approximate Funds needed
€5,000 - €10,000


I totally agree on this proposal but IMO we need a better toolset then using some again manual work creating tons of screenshots and after release of a new major version everything needs to be redone.

What about using a tool like Pupeteer to create the screenshots automatically. This toolchain could be used to:

  • create screenshots after each version
  • create screenshots with various translations
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There is already a proposal by Alexander Nitsche which goes in this direction of automation: https://notes.typo3.org/nxLlELEdRDuALGUmnoDfDw

I believe that anyone who starts working on this topic will find ways to automate his work even if they are not generalized.

And as long as a perfect automatic solution is missing we still need someone who does the manual parts of the work.