Typoscript in sitepackage is great but how can the back-end "know"?


It’s been a week now that I’m evaluating Typo3. Being able to work on a project on the file system with ddev and git is great, gives you a stable ground to develop stuff. So I’ve been making re-usable modules and their templates in a sitepackage and have been loading them in various pages. However, when I go into the back-end, in one of these pages, I see empty slots and cannot visually remember what’s loading in each page (since a load of stuff is getting loaded from the site package’s typoscript). For example, A page has its text and media etc, but also has one of the re-usable custom sitemap things from typoscript.

Is there a way to have an indication that something is getting fed by typoscript when I edit the page?


Sorry,I think out of the box, there is no indication.