Typo3v12 installation with composer : login failed


I’ve read the documentation to install Typo3v12 with composer only

composer create-project typo3/cms-base-distribution mysite “^12.4”
cd mysite
composer require “typo3/cms-adminpanel:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-backend:^12.4” “typo3/cms-belog:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-beuser:^12.4” “typo3/cms-core:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-dashboard:^12.4” “typo3/cms-extbase:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-extensionmanager:^12.4” “typo3/cms-felogin:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-filelist:^12.4” “typo3/cms-filemetadata:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-fluid:^12.4” “typo3/cms-fluid-styled-content:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-form:^12.4” “typo3/cms-frontend:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-impexp:^12.4” “typo3/cms-indexed-search:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-info:^12.4” “typo3/cms-install:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-linkvalidator:^12.4” “typo3/cms-lowlevel:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-opendocs:^12.4” “typo3/cms-reactions:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-recycler:^12.4” “typo3/cms-redirects:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-reports:^12.4” “typo3/cms-rte-ckeditor:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-scheduler:^12.4” “typo3/cms-seo:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-setup:^12.4” “typo3/cms-sys-note:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-t3editor:^12.4” “typo3/cms-tstemplate:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-viewpage:^12.4” “typo3/cms-webhooks:^12.4”
“typo3/cms-workspaces:^12.4” “typo3/minimal:^12”

But I’ve 2 problems

And I’ve 1 question : Why typo3/sysext exists if I install with typo3v12.gz but no with composer

I’ve tried many, many, many fix (Breaking-93048-BackendURLRewrites.html etc…) but without success.
I need help

Welcome, @webdevcd56!

This is probably because you didn’t create a FIRST_INSTALL file in public/, but rather just created ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL in var/transient/.

Check out the instruction for a browser-based install.

I think creating the ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL file is what comes up by default if you access the installer the first time, but for a first install, it’s not the quickest way. Looks like a note about first installs should be added to the instructions.

That would be as expected if you haven’t completed the install process.

The file structure is a bit different between Composer-based installs and those using the legacy method. Composer is recommended.

See if that helps!

Best wishes


Update: I created this bug report to get the instructions about creating a FIRST_INSTALL file into the install tool: Bug #102933: Install tool does not suggest creating FIRST_INSTALL file on first install - TYPO3 Core - TYPO3 Forge

Hello Mathias,
Very sorry for my late response and thank you for responding quickly.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t change anything for me : always 4 modules only and redirection failed after a new complete install with composer.
I continue to look for a solution.

I succeeded! persistence pays off.

The problem was between the Apache2 configuration, the .htaccess of the “/public” folder and some permissions.
Thanks for the help. I have to do a new installation to consolidate my procedure.

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Hi @webdevcd56!

That’s great news! Go persistence! :smiley: