TYPO3 Version 11.0 – Ready for Liftoff

We can proudly claim that the 11th major version of the open-source content management system TYPO3 indicates its maturity and ongoing success. (Actually, it’s technically the 8th version since we started with version 3 and skipped version 5, but that’s another story.)

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:heart_eyes: Woohoo! Awesome TYPO3 Xmas Gift 2020 :gift: Everyone, we appreciate your dedication and contribution to the TYPO3 community, Hats off :pray:

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Yes! Looking forward to CMS 11 already. Thanks all for your contributions!

Strongly disagree with “Upgrades Made Easy”! This has already been handled superbly in previous versions. Of course, there is always room for improvements … Congrats for all the efforts so far. Maybe, “Upgrades made even more easier” …