TYPO3 Version 10.1 - On the High Seas

Just like any other TYPO3 release, we streamlined some functions and cleaned up some old code fragments in TYPO3 version 10.1 too. Among other things, this includes the well-known “jumpToUrl()” JavaScript function (which has been marked as “deprecated”) and a few JavaScript variables that will be removed in TYPO3 v11.

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Great news :smiley:

The composer package typo3/cms-base-distribution also got updated, but unfortunately the package typo3/minimal is still at 10.0.

Can you update this package and better yet: Add it to the release process :slight_smile:

Many thanks and great news for TYPO3 users.

I have read about Cache presets in a new version 10.1 that I liked the most.

After some years, the Database has increased in the number of GB. Some of table has large amount of data which will impact on the performance of website. Sometimes this is very painful when we have to move website from one server to another. These changes will reduce all these issues. I quote this sentence with a big YES "a cache stored in the file system is faster"