TYPO3 v13 Roadmap Announcement

Based on the feedback from the community and on many conversations at conferences, bar camps, and developer days, we learned about the actions that most backend users have to do over and over again. Typical examples of integrators’ work are creating sites, implementing backend layouts, and configuring user permissions. These are steps to prepare a new and empty TYPO3 instance for editors. Tasks that integrators have to do for every new TYPO3 installation. Editors’ training and support in entering the site content often follow this action.

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Exciting news! The TYPO3 v13 Roadmap Announcement is like a compass guiding us to the future of web development. Can’t wait to explore the innovative features and enhancements that will undoubtedly elevate our TYPO3 experience.

Kudos to the team for steering us towards excellence!

Wow! The roadmap for version 13 highlights the eagerly anticipated content blocks and reusable components features, which will be a game-changer for TYPO3 integrators. I am excited to see the evolution of TYPO3 v13 and the positive impact it will bring. A big shoutout to all the contributors!

Great News! We are very excited to see the Simplified Workspaces: feature. This could be a big big thing for Editors. Maybe like a simple preview and publish mode, known and appreciated in other CMS solutions.

Thanks to all the contributors and teams for the amazing work and passion. Thanks for delivering this amazing, really opensource product.