Typo3 setup of tt_products from scratch but no products are shown

I am trying to setup tt_products from scratch on T3 11.5.

  • tt_products included in template
  • sysfolder with one product and some categries
  • page with plugin Products:List - but no product is shown!
  • page with plugin Categories:menu - categories are shown!

No typoscript changes, no own typoscript, all settings via BE form of tt_products.

What do I miss to see the dummy product?

Help appreciated!

Regards Karl-Heinz

I have setup a simple template:

    <!-- ###ITEM_LIST_TEMPLATE### begin -->
    <!-- ###ITEM_LIST_TEMPLATE### end -->

The result in html is:

BEGIN: Content of extension "tt_products", plugin "tt_products"
<div class="tt-products"><!-- START: tt-products-list-260 -->
<div id="tt-products-list-260" class="tt-products-list"></div>
<!-- END: tt-products-list-260 -->
<!-- END: Content of extension "tt_products", plugin "tt_products" -->
<p><a href="#top">Nach oben</a></p>

So it looks like the template is found but not processed as it should be!

Set the constant pid_list = … under “plugin.tt_products” to the page id of the sysfolder with the products.