TYPO3 Roadmap - Feedback from T3CMD 2022

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I don’t have a direct question about a TYPO3 topic. Rather I want to share the input that was created during the TYPO3Camp Mitteldeutschland (#t3cmd). Moderators of the session were Alexander Degelmann and me. There were about 40 participants in the room. For 45 minutes we collected the following aspects in a solution-oriented and unexcited way. We categorized the requirements by backend (BE), frontend (FE) and business intelligence (BI).

We also collected quotes from the community. These can help us to grasp the current situation and viewpoint of the participants.

I would like to follow up on the topic and discuss it with the contributors. I would like to publish a post on this to communicate the point of view of TYPO3 to the people. Also, I would like to learn if there are other ways to incorporate community feedback into the roadmap. Optimally, there are already efforts, forge issues, code, or initiatives on the topics. I would be happy to mediate here.

Enough babbling, here are the collected requirements:


  1. Preview of content elements/ records without publishing: as an editor I would like to be able to view a corresponding element in the frontend without publishing it. This should work without workspaces. This should be possible for a specific element. The AdminPanel is not flexible enough. I can’t preview only one specific element. If there are many hidden elements on a page, it is confusing.
  2. Workspaces: as an editor I want to be able to use stable (i.e. free of bugs) workspaces. Workspaces are very important. Many participants in the room said they want to use workspaces and it is a brilliant enterprise feature. Workspaces are not sufficiently stable.
  3. Translation UI: as an editor I want to be able to translate all elements of my website using a UI.
  4. Workspaces for Translation UI: as an editor I would like to be able to put the elements translated with the Translation UI through an approval process as well. Currently workspaces and the l10n manager do not work together.
  5. Deepl Integration: as an editor I would like to use a Deepl integration in the backend to translate content.
  6. Save forms: as editor I want to make sure that submitted forms are saved in the backend.
  7. Import: as an integrator/ developer I want to be able to import content from other sources (ERP, CRM, other TYPO3 instances) easily, quickly and reliably. A UI (like for example with PIMCore) accompanies me in this process. An API is also available. This paves the way to DXP.
  8. uuid: as a developer I want to work with uuids. This makes imports and migrations so much easier.
  9. Records: as an editor I do not understand the “List” module. I don’t want to switch to another module for editing records.
  10. Headless: as a developer I want to use headless functions out of the box. This paves the way to DXP.
  11. Fast modeling: as a developer I don’t want to define my model in several places (TCA, get(), set(), SQL). TYPO3 should do as much work as possible for me. But I want to be able to intervene if I need different definitions e.g. concerning SQL data types.

FE (= Backend Interface)

  1. Windows 98: as an editor I expect a modern look and feel. It should not feel like Windows 98. 50% of the participants in the room feel that way. Pipedrive and the Google Apps are a good benchmark.
  2. Responsiveness: as an editor I expect a fast interface. It should feel like an app and do few/ no reloads.
  3. Reduced interface: as an editor I want a very reduced interface/ a light version. This is done for example by Jetbrains with the YouTrack Light Interface. The interface could be rebuilt from scratch and be a modern, responsive alternative to the current interface.


  1. Process modeling: as an integrator and developer I would like to be able to model processes via a UI. Similar to what PIMCore offers, for example. I would like to be able to connect various APIs. In this way, data should flow between numerous systems. This paves the way to the DXP.

Community quotes

  1. We have lost focus on the USPs of TYPO3. The USPs are not sufficiently maintained; they are not stable enough.
  2. TYPO3 is one CMS of many. From the customers’ point of view, TYPO3 is absolutely replaceable.
  3. TYPO3 is no longer an enterprise CMS, but “only” a CMS.
  4. Our customers are willing to pay for “Enterprise”. Does there have to be a “Professional/ Enterprise” edition of TYPO3? Like Shopware and Magento do?
  5. Where does TYPO3 currently stand? What is it? A CMS? A WMS? A DXP?
  6. We want to evolve from CMS to DXP.
  7. The time of our developers is very limited. TYPO3 needs to offer more interfaces and be open so that modeling is easier and faster. Things have to happen fast. Our resources are tight.
  8. TYPO3 is not meant to be a solution for everything. It is clear that the core has to be open via appropriate APIs, but does not ship all of the desired functions directly.
  9. We advertise too little with the good things we’ve got.

BE.3: @just2b mentioned this tweet from 2019: https://twitter.com/georg_ringer/status/1166409033642905602

Thanks for the feedback to all participants of the session.

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Thx for sharing all the information and statements. I have some questions for a better unstanding.

Hmm, what does this mean? We have a UI!? Can you maybe explain a bit more what exactly this means?

I had clients in the past who loved the list module and I remember one projects, where every editor only had the list module. I think this is a use case thingy and no common decision. Maybe I don’t understand the point here, so maybe this point could be explained a bit more.

This sounds a bit polemic. Anyway, I think I get the point, but also, here is the question: What did this mean concrete? Is it the way content is added and edited? Is it the look & feel? So maybe something subjective?

What defines the enterprise or professional “version”? Is it one-click hosting? Is it support? SLA? This point is very interesting and I would like to hear more…


Thanks a lot @bjacob for this valuable feed back!

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