Typo3 install troubleshooting

Hi, I have a problem with the installation. I’ve tried installing v13 and v12 on a local server and it always gets stuck at some point and the installation doesn’t respond at all.

But the procedure is logical and simple. I found a similar procedure that I do on the internet.


Anyone have any ideas? What do you need to know to solve the problem?

Hi Tom!

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It looks like you’re using a very old article. It refers to TYPO3 6.2.4, which was released ten years ago. A lot has happened in both the TYPO3 and Windows world since then.

You can still use XAMPP to install Apache, MariaDB, and PHP on Windows. Once you have that done, the Installation Guide shows how to install TYPO3 using Composer in powershell (select “powershell” in the tabs to see the relevant commands).

The most “modern” way is maybe to use a DDEV environment. There is also a guide to installing TYPO3 in an environment based on Docker and DDEV. This is the preferred way for many TYPO3 developers, though the Windows installation process for DDEV is more involved than on other platforms.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes


Hi Mathias,

thx :slight_smile: I thought installation would be easy in Windows :slight_smile: The steps for installation should be simpler. I am aware of the possibility of other installations. I’ll be switching to Linux anyway, so I’m hoping the installation will be easier than Windows. :slight_smile: The article is old, but it wasn’t until I was desperate that I searched the internet for information. But the logic is still the same.

I installed it without reading the manual. :slight_smile: But the steps are logical.

  1. Install Apache and Database
  2. Copy Typo3 files to the webserver directory
  3. Start the installation and create the FIRST_INSTALL file
  4. Connect TYPO3 to the database
  5. Ready! :slight_smile:

Somehow I still don’t understand why I have to use Composer

I’ll try it and get back to you. THX Mathias!

Hi Tom!

OK! Let me know how things work out.

Composer is the recommended way to install TYPO3. It will also help you with package management, compatibility, and upgrades.

Best wishes