TYPO3 Inc. Draft Business Plan - Public feedback needed!

Wed. 23rd March, 2016

I just come from hosting a webinar regarding the TYPO3 Inc. plans that are up for voting on the GA. Mathias Schreiber and myself presented the core business model, organization as well as financial plannind and funding to over 80 attendees from all over the globe.  While we decided to make the full business plan draft available to TYPO3 Association members only (you can get a copy by simply write me an email to alain.veuve@typo3.org) I'd like to take the opportunity to share a management summary as followed ------------------------------------------------------------ In April 2015 the General Assembly of the TYPO3 Association voted on whether a company for commercial activities such as marketing and product development should be started. The vote was in favour of a preparation phase. Alain Veuve put together a diverse team of TYPO3 individuals and evaluated a way to start the company as well as find a sustainable business model. As a result the present business plan evolved from the preparation period. 

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