TYPO3 Guidebook promotion, maintenance, extension

Application by
Jeffrey A. McGuire

What is your idea about?
"1. Now that the TYPO3 Guidebook is completed, we want to shift to marketing and promotion mode. Start international awareness push for TYPO3, including some or all of: webinars, interviews, blogs, social media, etc. TBD in agreement with TYPO3 Association. In coordination with book release and promotion:

  • Tie-in with TYPO3 podcast (see additional 2021 budget application)
  1. Maintain errata, corrections, and maintenance of book through minor release cycles.
  2. Coordinate with community members to find new projects and opportunities to tie in with the TYPO3 Guidebook. These could be training courses, online tutorials and how-tos, or something we haven’t thought of yet! "

What is the potential impact of your idea?
The first English-Language TYPO3 book to be pubished in a decade is coming out late 2020 or early 2021. Using the TYPO3 Guidebook as a base on which to build more outreach and project marketing activities can be a valuable publicity and outreach tool for the TYPO3 Project everywhere from Africa, to North America, India, and beyond.

Who can / should implement your idea?
I will take care myself

Approximate Funds needed
€25,000 - €50,000