Typo3 error permission with url character pipe "|"


I’ve a problem with typo3 backend, some element used the bparams “|” but this character is forbidden for the standard “RFC 1738”, so our server don’t permit to used this character in url and I’ve an error “You don’t have permission to access this resource.”

Do you have an idea how I can changed the character “|” by the encoding “%7C” ?

Thx for your reply

You should avoid the “|” character in all names as it nearly everywhere has a special meaning. So don’t try to encode it properly but remove the origin of the need.

In TYPO3 the “|” is used as separator in wraps in typoscript. Maybe one of this wraps has gone weird and the wrap char is rendered instead of replaced by content. (you could redefine the wrap separation char)


Thx for your reply.
Problem is not for typoscript url generation but directly on url typo3 core.

Please elaborate how the URL is generated and why it’s necessary to include the pipe char in the URL.

I suspect you misinterpreted the syntax for multidimensional array indexes: (manual)
lib.foo.data = TSFE : fe_user|user|username
in PHP means:

or with GETparams: (manual)
lib.foo.data = GP : stuff|bar
$_GP['stuff']['bar'] in PHP and ...?stuff[bar]=xyz in URL

no need for a | in the URL


Problem is not on how I generate url but it’s directly on the typo3 generation.
Typo3 make a request like :

When I try to open upload images popup

That looks very much like an error.
Maybe a configuration is misplaced (shift in parameters?).
Or the encoding has failed.

If that URL is generated by the core you should open a bug report. (https://forge.typo3.org)
With an example how you got that bad URL.