TYPO3 Custom Content Element: How to Create and Integrate

I’m working on a TYPO3 project and I need to create a custom content element to display specific types of content on my website. I want to have full control over the design and functionality of this content element.

Could someone guide me through the process of creating a custom content element in TYPO3? What are the essential steps involved, including setting up the necessary files, defining the content structure, and integrating it into the TYPO3 backend for content editors to use?

Additionally, if there are any best practices or examples of creating and using custom content elements in TYPO3, I’d greatly appreciate any insights or code snippets to help me get started. Thank you for your assistance!

There are multiple ways to generate custom Content Elements (CEs).

IMHO one of the easiest is to use the extensions mask and mask_export.
With mask you define the fields of your CEs.
With the mask_export you extract the CE definition into an own extension where you can modify and design your data for output.

You do not need mask_export, but then your TYPO3 needs to integrate and build your CEs on every page call, which is some overhead.
Anyway you need the FLUID templates for styling the output which should be stored (/versioned) in an extension anyway.