TYPO3 Community January 2012

Mon. 27th February, 2012

In 2012 the community structure will be improved further. With the changes in the TYPO3 Association there will be more responsibility flowing into the community itself. We have a number of 'official' TYPO3 teams that have regular meetings and report on progress as well. There is more interaction between the teams. The marketing team relies on the design team, the marketing team relies on the screen cast team etc. The structured approach of setting up teams provides a reliable basis for people to join the teams and commit to the teams. At the moment there is a mix of teams and projects and it is definitely one goal to make sure the 'official' teams get a status (like typo3.org email addresses) and a place of there own in the TYPO3 ecosystem. The editorial team is about to get activated under the leadership of Patrick Lobacher and Sacha Storz. The team is proud to have a host of native English speakers from the US an UK. Especially with the imminent launch of typo3.org we are sure to get quality content on the new website with the presence of these native guys. The screen cast team has a very active cooperation and hopes to release it's first screen casts in the first quarter of 2012. The design team is working on visuals for typo3.org and for the official TYPO3 events of this year. There are plenty of other teams that publish protocols and news articles. Until now there is no central hub for a team activity overview, but one will be created during the course of this year.

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