[TYPO3-announce] Announcing TYPO3 v12.3.0

Dear TYPO3 World,

We've just released TYPO3 v12.3.0 – the last sprint release of the 12.x release series before TYPO3 v12 LTS is out.

TYPO3 v12.3 ships with new features for editors, improvements for site admins and integrators as well as developers.

For details about the release, please see:

The packages can be downloaded here:


Checksums of TYPO3 v12.3.0


6c1659d1da9ee0298604814c1d4e3c7cc70f3e8364bb2f70eecb0133262d4d6f typo3_src-12.3.0.tar.gz
ee274170edaa3a7dd14d51cd6f1e07661421b42f7db0e7a952d01b192b8d1641 typo3_src-12.3.0.zip


84e3563c002f32beabd2f39043bb249d068a1ab2 typo3_src-12.3.0.tar.gz
192c30385d6dde58f1b545b2a3e4a0d5a86c24ec typo3_src-12.3.0.zip

Best regards,
Benni Mack
TYPO3 Project Lead