[TYPO3-announce] Announcing TYPO3 v11.0.0

Dear TYPO3 World,

The TYPO3 community has just released TYPO3 v11.0.0, the first sprint release of the 11.x release series.

TYPO3 v11.0.0 comes with major API changes that pave the way for new features for editors and integrators in the next sprint releases.

For details about the release, please see:

The packages can be downloaded here:

Checksums of TYPO3 v11.0.0

SHA256 checksums:

5bd66bff1254f5503a4bad7240c860c7dbf0d5687a04584da64d5cada1fdd118 typo3_src-11.0.0.tar.gz
83819aa0950966e39043266f66fc184482766305368e7b633cc70f23aed468b7 typo3_src-11.0.0.zip

Further details on the signing and hashing process of TYPO3 releases:

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