TYPO3 11 LTS without PHP 8?


there is something wrong with the Roadmap on https://typo3.org/cms/roadmap

TYPO3 v11 LTS version will be fully supported for 1.5 years, and will be supported with security and critical fixes until October 2024.

This is not possible without the Support of PHP 8.x, have a look on


Please support 8.x and drop the support for 7.x.

With best regards,
Mansoor from Germany

Hi Mansoor,

currently we do not have PHP8 Support for TYPO3 v11, but we are working hard on it. As soon as we can safely say, TYPO3 runs with PHP8, we will happily announce it, of course.

If you have experience in adding PHP8 Support to TYPO3, I highly appreciate your help.

All the best,