Typo3 11.5.9 installation on Linux

The installation goes fine but I just get blank page when calling up the front end. There are no errors and Page Source is empty.

I have already tried everything I could find on google but to no avail. I’m not a professional but trying to become more expert at web publishing.

Thanks for any help you can give!

A blank page in most times is an indication for some error, which gets hidden for security reason.
activate error messages as found in multiple places in the net. At least you could find errors in the error log of the server.

TYPO3 has no build in configuration to show content. If you have no configuration how to build Front End pages, there will be no output. But normaly an error message will be shown that no template is available, so no error message can’t be.

Vielen Dank Bernd, wir koennen das auch of Deutsch machen. :blush:

I kann schon die ‘Maintenance’ (backend) ansprechen aber das mit dem frontend verstehe ich nicht. Wenn ich alle diese demo seiten von typo3 anschaue dann ist da immer ein schoenes cms dashboard. Nach der installation kann ich dann frontend oder backend waehlen. Frontend klappt nicht.
Sieht so aus als ob ich das ganze typo3 projekt aufgeben muss. Leider bin ich kein expert in dieser hinsicht obschon ich Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP sehr gut verstehe.

Mal sehen wie ich weiter komme.

Nochmals vielen dank, Walt

as this is an official place for everyone to inform English is requested.

TYPO3 has a steep learning curve, means: in the beginning there is a lot of unknown things and you need to learn much until you get your first working results.

If you want an easy way to have a working website you could install one of the packages which provide all.

One of the easiest probably is the bootstrap package (composer req bk2k/bootstrap-package) which
should result in a ready to use configuration where you can start to fill your website with content.

With the introduction package (composer req typo3/cms-introduction) you will get a full installation, including content to study the mechanisms of TYPO3. (But you are not allowed to build your public website from it)

Cheers, Bernd,

Apologies about the German.

Sorry but I don’t undeerstand any of what you advised me of. Is there a detailed tutorial/PDF I can use to get the hang of this. Headless CMS seem to be the way to go. But I would like to learn this from the ground up.

I grew up with html/JS/CGI-Perl/and lots of hand coding but then moved on to File/eMail/Sql Server Installations and support in the late 80’ and 90s. Now retired I want to get back to web publishing. I have done lots of Wordpress/\joomla installations but they are so restrictive and uninspriring.

Anyway, I’m very grateful for your help.

Kind regards, Walt

i think there is no short and compact document for it as there are multiple aspects and everybody needs his own specific tutorial.
in general you can find a lot of information at https://docs.typo3.org/ one suggested introduction might be Welcome to the official TYPO3 Documentation — Homepage of docs.typo3.org main documentation

restful is possible with TYPO3 but a simple website might be easier to reach.

Thanks Bernd,

I’ll check out the links in more details in the next few days. I have already looked through them a while back back most of what I saw is full of terminology I am unfamiliar with. It was obvious from the start that this project would be a long term one.

So, can I get back to you and ask some more questions if I get stuck?

Regards, Walt

You can ask here or on Slack (typo3.slack.com) or StackOverflow.com (don’t forget to tag your question with the plan typo3 tag)

OK, I’ll try slack but I will be using a different email address: walt.jags@gmail.com

I’ll contact you from there. Thanks, Walt