TransFusion - The Next Level

by Jo Hasenau

What is your idea about?

TransFusion is a TYPO3 Translation Workflow extension aimed at simplifying backend translation challenges. Following a successful Q1, where we developed a wizard and gathered user feedback, we’re excited to outline our goals for Q2.

Q1 2024 Achievements:

Developed a working wizard prototype providing an additional backend interface for the page module. This prototype is currently available on GitHub GitHub - CodersCare/transfusion: TransFusion Extension providing a wizard to deal with TYPO3 connected and free mode translations and going to be published to Packagist and TER in March 2024.

With this prototype we focused on standard core elements and gathered valuable usability feedback for further development.

What do you want to achieve by the end of Q2 2024?

Feature Completeness and Custom Inline Fields:
Ensure the prototype seamlessly connects and disconnects advanced content elements and introduces support for custom inline fields within tt_content. This will be important especiall for users of extensions like Container or Gridelements.

Enhanced User Interface with Drag & Drop:
Improve the current point-and-click only interface by incorporating drag & drop functionality to enable dragging around especially broken or orphaned translation records between different parent elements, enhancing the user experience.

TYPO3 CMS 13 Core Compatibility:
Adapt the extension to recent TYPO3 CMS 13 core changes, ensuring continued compatibility.

Testing and Documentation:
Conduct thorough testing based on the testing extension provided by the TYPO3 translation handling initiative, identify and rectify bugs, and provide comprehensive documentation outlining new features and benefits.

Public Accessibility:
Make the enhanced prototype publicly accessible until end of Q2 2024 for community exploration and testing.

What is the potential impact of your idea for the overall goal?

Efficient Translation Process:
Streamline the translation workflow for an even smoother, more efficient experience.

User-Friendly Interaction with Drag & Drop:
Empower editors with an even more comfortable point-and-click interface, featuring additional drag & drop functionality.

Flexible Stand-Alone Extension with support for Custom Inline Fields:
TransFusion remains a stand-alone extension, adaptable to TYPO3 environments, supporting custom inline fields.

Endorsed by TYPO3 Translation Handling Initiative:
Aligns with initiative goals, contributing to enhanced translation capabilities.

Community-Driven Development:
Encourages collaboration for ongoing improvement within the TYPO3 ecosystem.

Which budget do you need for your idea?
10.000 Euro


Is this supporting the translation done by humans or AI? Simply put, the trend is more and more to let AI drive the translations and only do some editing afterwards. I already experienced that automation on corporate intranets based on Azure AI translator.

Hi Ric - this is not about the actual translation process, which would be a job for extensions like l10nmgr, localizer or wv_deepltranslate. The goal of transfusion is to help people with issues raised by the notorious “connected” and “free mode” and the resulting “mixed mode”.

You can easily disconnect and/or (re)connect elements of a certain target language from/with elements of the default language. So you can fix broken translations with a sophisticated wizard instead of trying to deal with editing forms of separate elements.

The integration of AI is an important and serious trend these days. In the case of this prototype, however, the question is not where the content comes from, but how its handling can be simplified by the core.

In TYPO3, content can be created in “free” and “connected” mode. However, switching between the two modes is very cumbersome in its current form. The prototype aims to simplify this. The “next level” is aimed in particular at dealing with relationships within the content.

Let’s add a few pictures from the current state of development.

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Since there have been several people on different channels asking for a presentation of the current achievements for Q1 2024, here we go with a demo video showing you the current state and feature set!

Have fun and if you like it, please vote for the next level!

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