TransFusion Extension for CMS >= 12

by Jo Hasenau

What is your idea about?
"This proposal stems from comprehensive evaluations taken by the TYPO3 translation handling initiative during TYPO3 Developer Days and TYPO3 Camps, gathering insights from diverse participants across various target groups. Through engaging discussions with TYPO3 enthusiasts, developers, integrators and content creators, we identified a common pain point: the intricate challenges of translations in the so called connected and free mode, especially when mixed up. Users highlighted the inefficiencies of the current mixed mode workaround.

Introducing TransFusion – Revolutionizing TYPO3 Translation Workflow!

Are you grappling with the complexity of TYPO3 backend translation, especially when dealing with the challenges posed by ““connected”” and ““free”” modes? Enter TransFusion – the specialized wizard designed to tackle these issues head-on.

Key Problem Areas Addressed:

Eliminating ““Mixed”” Mode Workaround:

TransFusion puts an end to the reliance on the cumbersome ““mixed”” mode, providing a straightforward alternative for a more efficient translation process.

Connecting and Disconnecting Elements:

Seamlessly connect or disconnect content elements based on available connection data. TransFusion acts as a bridge, simplifying the handling of connected and free elements in the TYPO3 backend.

Intuitive Point-and-Click Interface:

Say goodbye to guesswork. TransFusion offers an intuitive point-and-click interface, allowing editors to fine-tune results before applying changes. No more navigating through complex settings – it’s all at your fingertips.

Derived from TYPO3 Community Insights:

Built on concepts originating from the TYPO3 User Experience Week (T3UXW) and leveraging a prototype from a TYPO3 core team member, TransFusion is shaped by the community’s understanding of real-world translation challenges."

What do you want to achieve by the end of Q1 2024?
"The goal for Q1 is to develop a wizard with its own backend module, provided as an extension through GitHub, Packagist and TER. However, in the initial phase, it should only work for standard core elements. This is primarily because we need to gather additional usability feedback, which will be invaluable for subsequent stages. So the first stage includes only pages, content elements, and, at most, file references as the ‘second level.’ Extensions will not be considered in that first stage.

The challenge arises, especially in terms of usability, with nested content across multiple levels, such as Containers, Gridelements, Bootstrap Package accordions, etc. Therefore, implementing multilevel functionality is not a realistically achievable goal for Q1 but remains a potential objective for a future budget proposal.

Feature Completeness:

Ensure the prototype includes essential features such as seamless connection and disconnection of content elements.

Intuitive User Interface:

Implement a user-friendly point-and-click interface for editors to fine-tune results effortlessly.

TYPO3 Core Compatibility:

Limit the prototype to support the TYPO3 core exclusively, with plans to extend compatibility to extensions in future versions, possibly through additional community budgets.

TYPO3 Core Integration:

Later on there might be an integration of TransFusion into the TYPO3 core, starting from version 13 and beyond.

Bug-Free Functionality:

Conduct thorough testing to identify and rectify any bugs or issues, ensuring the prototype functions seamlessly within the TYPO3 core environment.

Documentation Availability:

Provide comprehensive documentation outlining the prototype’s functionality, benefits, and step-by-step guides for users.

Alignment with Community and Initiative Goals:

Confirm that the prototype aligns with the goals of the TYPO3 Translation Handling Initiative, addressing identified challenges in TYPO3 backend translation.

User Feedback Channels:

Establish channels for community feedback during the prototype testing phase, encouraging users to provide insights and suggestions for improvement.

Public Accessibility:

Make the prototype publicly accessible during Q1 2024, allowing the TYPO3 community to explore and test its functionalities"

What is the potential impact of your idea for the overall goal?
"Efficient Translation Process:

Enhance the translation workflow with a wizard that minimizes complexities, providing a smoother and more efficient experience for TYPO3 editors.

User-Friendly Interaction:

Empower editors with an easy to use point-and-click interface, ensuring that they can make educated decisions regarding connected and free elements in a hassle-free manner.

Flexible Stand-Alone Extension:

TransFusion is designed as a stand-alone extension, offering flexibility and compatibility with current stable version 12 of TYPO3. It’s a tool that adapts to your TYPO3 environment, not the other way around.

Endorsed by TYPO3 Translation Handling Initiative:

TransFusion aligns with the goals of the TYPO3 Translation Handling Initiative, providing a solution that not only addresses existing challenges but also contributes to the initiative’s mission of enhancing TYPO3 translation capabilities.

Community-Driven Development:

TransFusion encourages collaboration, allowing TYPO3 developers and editors to contribute to the ongoing improvement of translation workflows within the TYPO3 ecosystem.


The increased efficiency brought about by TransFusion directly translates into enhanced project execution, allowing TYPO3-related companies to deliver high-quality content and functionality with greater speed and precision. This, in turn, fosters heightened client satisfaction and loyalty, as the tool directly addresses common pain points faced by clients in their TYPO3 projects."

Which budget do you need for your idea?
10.000 Euro


Thanks to Jo for coming up with this idea and putting our thoughts from the Translation Handling Initiative to the test as part of this prototype. From the initiative’s point of view, this development would definitely be a step in the right direction.


What is “TransFusion”? Is it the working name for the concept - an external service - a company - or something else?

@namelesscoder That’s the extension key which has already been registered for that project.

Budgets are not supposed to be used for third party extensions… How does this fit with this proprosal? And isn’t translation handling something that must be fixed in the Core?

Luckily, there’s no longer any such rule. Otherwise the BCC wouldn’t have approved it for voting. Check out the new rules in Ingo’s article: Call for Community Ideas Budget 2024


@linawolf Budgets may be used for any kind of idea according to the rules given by the BCC.

And yes, translation handling has to be fixed in the core, which is the long term goal of the Translation Handling Initiative.

But since it might take two or even more major TYPO3 versions to implement the necessary changes, TransFusion will Help people to deal with the status quo until the core gets there.

Another reason for an extension is, that we don’t have to stick to the core release cycles, but can release early and often instead.

@linawolf Our efforts within the initiative are focused on the long-term goal of successfully integrating proven translation handling solutions into the core. The extension mentioned here includes several possible improvements that we have discussed in the context of free/connected/mixed mode. Since we can use it to test our ideas in practice, it could become a precursor for improvements to the core.


here is the extension TYPO3 Extension 'TransFusion' (transfusion)

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