Thomas Hezel - candidate for the 2023 board election

Studied psychology and IT. Worked for 25 years in the German film industry. Since 2005 FILM+DIGITAL - webpages with TYPO3, platform design and film production. Founded the Society for "Digitalization and Data Democracy" with the main target of a basic supply with open source and a new democratic institution that hosts and controls all our data.

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What are my topics for further development of TYPO3?

  • a. There is still a big “information and understanding dessert” to cross on the path from an experienced integrator to a developer. I would like to find out where and how this step could be made easier. Probably an old topic but for my experience not solved yet. Understanding structures inside TYPO3 it seems there are graphics and videos missing.
  • b. I developed the layout for a platform in South Africa that provides: Learning (Moodle), blogs and news (WordPress as the central entrance gate), project management, publication and document handling, plus an app for communication. We used WordPress because it was the only system the South Africans could handle. But the functionality of WP is bad, especially when it comes to languages. I see an demand for combining systems. TYPO3 in the centre and then SingleSignOn with Moodle, NextCloud and so on. Big organizations seem to have more and more demand for this kind of platform setup. So TYPO3 should make it as easy as possible to be the centre gate for other OpenSource solution. And is it REST or GraphQL how apps are connecting to the main system. The communication with apps seems also to get more and more important. Easy integration of e.g. nextcloud with SSO and GraphQL for the communication with an app are important demands and changes for TYPO3 to stand out.
    *c. Videos are all over but people still shy away from the effort to deal with them by themselves. They use YouTube and this is not GDPR compliant at all. If you upload just one video into a video tag, this is also not satisfactory since it is usually to big for the mobile data stream and to small in quality for the LAN internet big screen use. The solution is adaptive-bitrate-streaming as it is done by netflix and others. Each video should have it’s own html page so you can add all metadata (twitter card, schema.og, openGraph) and then stream it inside an i-frame. TYPO3 should provide the handling of video content from the core, since videos are essential. Upload the videos, convert with ffmpeg into adaptive-bitrate-streams, add all meta data and keep them in the database and so on. This would be a big USP.
  • d. I use for all pages and always the DCE extension from M. Vieweg. But there is potential to make it better and more reusable. Keywords: design patterns, market place, themes, separate css for each DCE … This area should also be seen as an response to the Gutenberg system inside WordPress.

This are some of my thoughts, comments are welcome!