This Day in TYPO3 (December 10, 2013)

Sat. 14th December, 2013

December 10 saw the launch of TYPO3 Neos 1.0. The TYPO3 community has been anticipating this release for many years and the road to Neos 1.0 was bumpy. Of course we are not there yet. In fact we are never there, we are living the permanent beta stage. Just like in life there is always room for improvement. Our projects, like all other software projects, will always have bugs to fix, patches to be applied and features to be added. It is the TYPO3 community that has done this incredible work and got the TYPO3 project to this level. We can be proud in a solid understanding that what binds us as people is the driving force that inspires us all to share the things we love. For this special day in TYPO3 Kasper, Rasmus and Robert give some input on the occasion of this special day. ~ben

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