The TYPO3 Extbase Book - Interview with the Author

Michael Schams has been an active member of the TYPO3 Community for more than a decade now. In May 2019 he published the third edition of the TYPO3 Extbase book. Michael worked with Patrick Lobacher on previous editions of the book, but since Patrick moved on to new challenges, Michael took over full responsibility in 2018 and published a fully revised and updated edition this year. Luisa Faßbender held an interview with Michael to find out more about the book and how it was created.

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Nice interview! Thanks Michael for your great work on your book. Recently one of our developer has been TCCD certified, Your book helped him lots. We highly recommend this book :slight_smile:

Thank you for doing this interview. It’s nice to learn a little more about the people behind the projects.

I already bought a copy of the book a while ago and even though I have not finished reading it yet, the first impression is very good.

If I may, I would like to clarify the background of the two Extbase books, because I have seen people getting this mixed up. Michael already explained how his Extbase book got created and evolved.

The “other” Extbase / Fluid book, originally written by Sebastian Kurfürst and Jochen Rau in German as hardcover print with the title “Zukunftssichere TYPO3-Extensions mit Extbase und Fluid” had been translated to the TYPO3 community but has become a work of its own by now and is still available on under the title “Developing TYPO3 Extensions with Extbase and Fluid”.

While I do like the general structure and it gives you a great introduction into Extbase & Fluid, the online book has the problem that parts of it are outdated and it needs quite some work. As Michael said, good writing is work and requires time.

How to proceed and how to structure the existing documentation is yet a (or rather several) pending decisions.