The TYPO3 Demo Website is Launching

Mon. 7th December, 2020

I am delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new website explaining TYPO3, and showing some of the amazing features it offers. The site gives you, your potential clients and people interested in TYPO3 the chance to take a look at the CMS we all build and love.

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That’s a really awesome thing, especially because you inserted all important links on top. This encourages Freelancers to promote the project. I will do! And I like how you did the job in the “modified” backend. Thanks.

This is really great! It would be interesting to see how it was implemented (templates + configuration). Are the sources of the demo project somewhere publicly available?

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Really illustrative. Good Job! As said by @benjamecho, i miss publicly available configuration too. From both the project and the EXT:faq_demo extensions.

I find the demo page very good.

Is it possible to download the demo page? I want to install it on a local webserver.

Thanks so much for your feedback everybody!

We’ve published the project here: