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There was little feedback in the discussion of the testing framework, therefor I’ll just put the voting together. You can read up on the full discussion on Testing Framework Extraction - Next Steps - Discuss Topics - TYPO3 Decisions


Keep basic files like UnitTests.xml or Bootstrap.js in the testing framework as living examples.

  • Yes
  • No
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Introduce src/res folder to distinguish code and resources as:

Discussion result:

  • will only be used in TYPO3 Context
  • rest of the world uses res/src
  • src/res would be in line with rest of the world
  • Classes/Resources would be in line with TYPO3 general naming conventions
  • src/res
  • Classes/Resources
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Remove the CMS part from the namespace:

Current namespace is: TYPO3/CMS/Components/TestingFramework
Proposed namespace is: TYPO3/Components/TestingFramework

  • change namespace and drop CMS
  • leave namespace as it is
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Subtree split: One-time split and later maintenance on github or split for every release and maintain as part of the core?

  • Moving to github would make work on this part as separate package easier and more independent from the rest of the core
  • If we have changes spanning the testing framework and the core we’d need to change it in two repositories
  • Subtree split once and maintain as separate package
  • Regularly split before a release but maintain as part of the core
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Release as composer only package or as composer package and TYPO3 extension

  • composer only would teach/force people to use composer for testing
  • composer only
  • composer package and TYPO3 extension
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