TemplaVoila released / new maintainer

Wed. 16th August, 2006

Today Dmitry Dulepov released TemplaVoila version 1.1.0. Besides the long awaited feature to access the parent records within the Data Structure TypoScript scope it contains numerous bug fixes which improve the overall stability and usability. For a full list of new features and bug fixes please consult the change log. Dmitry already contributed many bug fixes and ideas during the development of TemplaVoila 1.0. As I am more and more concentrating on the organisation and development of TYPO3 5.0, it was only natural that Dmitry eventually takes over the future development of TemplaVoila. At the TYPO3 Developer Days I finally transfered the extension key templavoila to its new maintainer. The plan is now to form a small team (up to 5 members) which takes care of the implementation of new features and maintenance of the existing code base. While Dmitry acts as the lead developer in this project, I will stay as a regular team member. If you brim over with enthusiasm for TemplaVoila and got some experience with the internals of the extension, please announce yourself in the TemplaVoila newsgroup and join our team!

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