Teaming Up For Better Extensions

Previously, the TYPO3 group for QA Best Practices was a loose group financed via budgets every year. We recently asked the TYPO3 Association to become an official team, and we are pleased to report that we are now official! Find out what’s changing and why we are looking forward to you joining our team.

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Instead of using podman you could maybe also have a look at DDEV as it is already recommended (TYPO3 Core contribution setup with DDEV — TYPO3 Contribution Guide - Core Development main documentation). I don’t know podman, maybe it’s really cool, but we’ve been using DDEV for the last couple of months and it’s pretty straight-forward …

As a minor extension author who just maintains one simple extension, and does not work with PHP every day, I greatly appreciate your initiative. Thank you, folks!

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