Mon. 29th October, 2018

What is your idea about?

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Great idea! At Magento we see this is a key USP, their extensive Marketplace options and available extension. Really worth spending time and money in!

At MaxServ we have a nice TYPO3 and Magento integration. Perhaps we can help to make this happen and build a state of the art Marketplace?

So what happened with all the ideas and money from last years?

The ideas are still the same like last year. Since the budget was not spent, due to lack of speed in developement, it’s only a shift to the next year. The total budget will stay the same like estimated for last year.

So there happened just nothing last year? Why should that change next year?

Can you please explain why the money was not spend in 2018 and what will change in 2019 that the money will be spend (if granted)?

Honestly, because a lack of developers on that project. We had two people constantly working on that topic, but found out that one person (who was working for several months already) could not deliver. So basically we needed to start the coding part more or less all over again.

The design part was already completed before.