(discobot) #1

Mon. 29th October, 2018

What is your idea about?

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(Ronald Meeuwissen) #2

Great idea! At Magento we see this is a key USP, their extensive Marketplace options and available extension. Really worth spending time and money in!

At MaxServ we have a nice TYPO3 and Magento integration. Perhaps we can help to make this happen and build a state of the art Marketplace?

(Georg Ringer) #3

So what happened with all the ideas and money from last years?

(Boris Hinzer) #4

The ideas are still the same like last year. Since the budget was not spent, due to lack of speed in developement, it’s only a shift to the next year. The total budget will stay the same like estimated for last year.

(Georg Ringer) #5

So there happened just nothing last year? Why should that change next year?

(Ingo Schmitt) #6

Can you please explain why the money was not spend in 2018 and what will change in 2019 that the money will be spend (if granted)?