Superscript of "®" in headlines

Dear all,

How can I superscript ® in headlines, please?

Thank you very much in advance for a short answer.

Kind regards from Germany,

Janine Beck

By typing in or copying the character?
Or do you want some kind of dialog for characters not directly available on your keyboard.

You can do automatic replacements on rendering.

Depending where you want to use it you can do the replacing in the rendering of that single field or at the end for the whole page.
There are replacements in typoscript or in fluid for the fields.
Global replacements could be done with a .stdWrap.replacment on the page object in typoscript.

In this way you also can make the work easier for editors, as you also can replace any string and so the editors do not need to insert characters not available on the keyboard. (e.g. replace (r) or ###reg### by <sup>®</sup>)

Thank you, Martin Kutschker.

Dear Bernd Wilke,

Do you speak german? Could you please send me your answer in german?

Kind regards,

Janine Beck