Structured Content Initiative—Feedback Wanted!

We recognise that making any changes to the TYPO3 user interface can have significant impact. The Page Module has existed since the origin of the CMS, and is without a doubt the central module used by editors. It is quite complicated to help the Page Module evolve without touching concepts used in other parts of the backed user interface. It’s clear that we cannot implement interface changes without going through a serious user testing workflow.

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I love your initiative and what you did so far is very promising. Thanks for your great work!

BUT: I assume the target group for giving feedback are mainly UX professionals and editors. And here is the problem: They will never be able to install the package or configure it. In some cases they will find a friendly ghost doing this job for them. But I strongly believe this is too big of a hurdle for too many. So our main target group will most probably not be involved. Isn’t there a possibility to have one installation ready for all of those?

ok. Ich habe etwas ausprobiert. Danke. Was besser kommt als bisher ist der hidden-Status. Die +Icon (neues CE) sind peppig, aber von der Funktion nicht unbedingt groß neuartig. Ggf sind sie sogar etwas zu aufdringlich nach einer Weile? Ich habe noch ein Carousel gemacht. Hier waren die Items nur lediglich mit Headline dargestellt. Das lässt zwar die Sache sehr kompakt, aber ist auch dünn von der Darstellung.

Hi Dominic,
thank you very much for your feed back! Very good point if we want editors profiles give us some feedback. The UX Initiative is indeed planning to implement a user testing workflow with tools like usertesting, userbrain, etc. so that we can get feedback from different users (some of them won’t already know TYPO3 interface for example).

Hi Henri,

thank you very much for your feedback, we add it in our list :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear Rachel

Thanks for you feedback. I like it very much to read about these plans.
For a first step I think it would be great to onboard even more UX/UI professionals to give some feedbacks and help the TYPO3 community to evolve not only on the level of programming code but also on the level of user experience.
So this might help UX/UI professionals to dive into this topic a little bit easier: We created a public TYPO3 instance for all those UX interested people out there who’d like to support, but are not able to set up a TYPO3 instance.

Here we go:
User: ux1
Password: ux1

Feel free to spread it.