Starting from scratch, layouts, partials, templates, custom content elements, etc

Is there a guide where I can learn TYPO3 10.4 to provide websites for customers. I wanted to learn at the beginning how to create a whole website with layouts, templates and custom content elements like a slider, gallery, etc. How do I achieve this step by step according to the developers and professionals? I tried it with dozens of YouTube tutorials which are only available for older versions. I’ve tried it with the manual, but it takes a lot of time to get to anywhere but where I wanted to. With all the different versions, extensions, and new words it looks like I am spinning in circles.

I hope you don’t get the impression of me that I am just complaining, maybe I just need to learn how to read a manual. But are there no visual guides, or even wizards by which I can grasp what and where I can do with TYPO3? Thank you in advance.

Dear @ddaine welcome. Please take look at