Site configuration: map file-extension to page-type


in site configuration, I would like to map a file extension to a page type.

For example:
have path/to/any/page.pdf map to type 101, and path/to/any/page.css map to type 35. Then I’d be able to call different ts-scripts or select different templates and generate pdf output or dynamic css.

What I’ve managed so far is to set up a static route

Static route name: /test.css
Type: Page, File or Url
value: t3://page?uid=1&type=35

This is not exactly what I had in mind.
I also have a problem with this workaround on my local test-server. For some reason, it seems that TYPO3 is using curl for the redirect instead of handling it internally. The curl request fails on my local test server because of a self signed certificate.

Kind regards

edit: I forgot to mention that I’m using TYPO3 9 for this project.
edit2: I’ve added the CA to the test-server configuration and curl is working now. I’m still wondering why curl is necessary here.

Hey Nils,

I guess what you are looking for is the PageTypeDecorator (see which serves your purpose (that is “mapping of page types to specific endings of your URL”). Static Routes are rather suited for e.g. robots.txt which should be different on a per-domain basis in a multi-site environment.

Hope that helps.

That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!