Shut down

Discussion Topic has a couple of issues.

  • The layout does not follow CI
  • It has troubles with IDE related comments (TYPO3 Forge)
  • it seems to have rendering problems (TYPO3 Forge)
  • The last managed issue was fixed one year ago
  • it uses an generator that intended for C++, not PHP
  • it takes up manpower and resources

I have a couple of personal opinions on it as well, but wanted to keep those in a dedicated list

  • In times of modern IDEs there is no use for a listing of all methods.
  • It eats up search results, sending people searching for something towards that listing rather than to the official docs


Possible Migrations

Remarks and notes

There was a poll initiated by Steffen Gebert about a year ago answered by 44 people that resulted in

  • 6 people don’t knowing the service at all (14%)
  • 14 people knowing, but not using it (32%)
  • 12 people voting it a “Good service” (which I consider a biased answering option) (27%)
  • 12 people stating that they were using it regularly (27%)


Topic Initiator: Mathias Schreiber
Topic Mentor: Christian Kuhn

I totally agree with shutting down

In fact, it takes (some) manpower, even if that’s actually really limited but still and I think as well that listing methods in a website does not make sense for quite some years already anymore.

We always missed a way to add comments which could have made me think about it another way. In fact, just listing methods and parameters together with some scarce comment is of no use nowadays with PhpStorm and other similar IDE but having sample code together with important methods could be of some use. But that’s past now, it wouldn’t make sense to introduce that in current situation.

So +1 for shutting down this service.

Since I’m using a decent IDE (for ~6 years now) I never had the urge to consult, but I was rather nagged by it when I googled for some internal TYPO3 stuff.

Even text editors with additional plugins are able to build an “API tree”, which renders obsolete, IMO.

So +1 from my side to shutdown this service.

+1 for shutting it down. I don’t see much benefit as it is now. And trying to redo it better is too unrealistic or maybe even wasted time.

Shut it down, let’s improve documentation instead.

Shut it down. We should try to describe better, the usage of the API (the idea behind). This is also related to “Rework feature list of TYPO3 at” ( )

"The feature list of our product is not in the best spot. (

Our aim for is, that we want to provide a users view to our product. Show features and provide a quick way, on how to use them (Links to docu, videos, show example pictures of the feature). So we need a compact feature overview and for each feature a detailed page with further informations.

An example how it could look like: or"

+1 for shutting it down and I vote for an improved documentation instead.

+1 for the shutdown

The only thing where I used this service was to get inspiriation, which (maybe alternate) methods are available.
Maybe the documentation can be improved in this regard.

+1 for shutting it down.

In my early days as a TYPO3 dev I often stumbled upon that page while googleing. It never helped but lead to mere confusion on my part.

Let it be gone. RIP.

+1 for shutdown. Obsolete these days and the fact that we do not have the manpower to maintain it is quite important. Let’s improve documentation.

Can be removed.
Maybe switch to voting soon? The replies seem to agree on the topic :slight_smile:

Then we could also just skip this step and decide on our own. We’re not in a hurry, just be patient… :slight_smile:

+1 for removing it. :wink: never used it …

Can we remove the minimum characters if we ask yes/no questions? :slight_smile:

+1 for shutting it down.

It once felt like a promising possibility to use Sphinx crossreferencing to create documentation links to Unfortunately those links were outdated very soon.

Plus One for burning it down.

+1 bye

+1 for removing.

I’ve used the API to show others which method to use. But nowadays we have Github with is much greater as you have all source code tagged for each version which fits much better.

Even if you don’t use an IDE you have enough possibilities to get what you need, e.g. using ctags, universal ctags and further implementations.

As Martin wrote, I’ve already used in my sphinx projects. But that is not very helpful and should be no issue.

Since contains lots of misleading data I’d rather opt to shut it down…

+1 for disabling