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I have a Typo3 installation with multiple sites/domains. For each of these sites there is a separate folder in the file list that contains the files for that site. Is it possible to specify for each site that the corresponding folder is used as the starting point for all file-related functions in the backend (add relation, upload etc.)? I tried setting the path with

plugin.tx_filelist {
	settings {
		path = file:1:/path_to_site_folder/
		root = file:1:/path_to_site_folder/

but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work. When I add a new relation in the page settings, the selected folder is /user_upload/ and not my defined folder.

Any help is welcome!

Thank you, best regards

Hi Sebastian!

Welcome to!

Because file permissions are defined by user and user group in TYPO3, I don’t think this functionality is possible. (TYPO3 works in the context of the entire tree, not individual sites.)

However, you could achieve something similar by defining groups for each site and define a file mount for each site. Of course, users with access to multiple sites would be able to use all sites’ file mounts independently.

Looking at your configuration example’s use of plugin.tx_filelist.settings, I think you have been visiting the documentation for the third-party File List extension.

The Filelist module in the TYPO3 backend is configured at options.file_list in UserTS, but it doesn’t have the configuration options you are looking for.

For the sake of completeness, there is a options.defaultUploadFolder option, but it only sets the default folder for uploads, not starting point for file lists.

I hope this is helpful. Please let me know how it goes.

— Mathias

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Hi Mathias,

thank you very much for the very detailed answer! You’re right with the plugin “filelist”.
So I will use the user group permissions and file mounts.

Best regards

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