Set backend language to german

Hi everyone,

I changed the backend language to german (downloaded language packs and set the language of all users to german). It works almost perfectly. Everything is translated however the Settings & Maintenance areas are still in english.

Since the client needs also to configure the extensions coded, the mentioned areas would need to be in german, too.

Does someone know how to accomplish that?

A lot of the text in these areas is unfortunately hardcoded in templates within “vendor/typo3/cms-install/Resources/Private/Templates” and does not rely on XLIFF files which could be overwritten (even though there are XLIFF files for this system extension). See e.g. typo3/typo3/sysext/install/Resources/Private/Templates/Maintenance/Cards.html at 2578cae17aeac81f56daeb1c5cc174167c897b21 · TYPO3/typo3 · GitHub for the overview of the available cards in “Settings”. This could only be changed directly inside those templates, which would not be advisable as any changes would be lost in an update and of course everyone would then only see the German text.

One way with minimal changes of only 1 file (again: not advisable!) would be to add folders for templates and partials of your sitepackage to $templatePaths in “vendor/typo3/cms-install/Classes/Controller/AbstractController.php”:

$templatePaths = [
  'templateRootPaths' => ['EXT:install/Resources/Private/Templates', 'EXT:yoursitepackage/Resources/Private/Override/install/Templates'],
  'partialRootPaths' => ['EXT:install/Resources/Private/Partials', 'EXT:yoursitepackage/Resources/Private/Override/install/Partials'],

Then anything from “vendor/typo3/cms-install/Resources/Private/Templates” or “vendor/typo3/cms-install/Resources/Private/Partials” could be copied to your sitepackage and translated there. You could also rely on your own XLIFF files in that case. Any changes to the original files due to an update though would require fixing “AbstractController.php” again and manually updating copied files that have been changed.

PS: Loading language snippets from XLIFF files within the default templates of this extension works as per usual, for example:

<f:translate key=“LLL:EXT:install/Resources/Private/Language/BackendModule.xlf:confirmUnlockInstallToolTitle” />

So someone with a bit of spare time could easily extract all text in these templates into new XLIFF files to make it easier to provide translations from e.g. V13.

Hi Robert,

thanx for that info. It’s important to know that there’s no real error of any kind and the dialogue’s text will not be translated case they’re hardcoded.

That’s ok since all we need would be to have translated labels for the input fields. Following use of XLIFF is even working almost fine:

# cat=basic//1; type=string; label=LLL:EXT:angularcli_suite/Resources/Private/Language/BackendConfiguration/locallang.xlf:LDAP IP;
ldap_ip =
# cat=basic//2; type=string; label=LLL:EXT:angularcli_suite/Resources/Private/Language/BackendConfiguration/locallang.xlf:LDAP User;
ldap_username = Username

But it is just translating to english and not to german. In, for example, the Backend View of any content-element our custom fields show the german translation defined via XLIFF in the TCA’s tt_content.php.

Now if XLIFF can be used, as shown in the above snippet, and it takes text from locallang.xlf shouldn’t it also be able to take text from de.locallang.xlf when the user’s language is set to german?