Require account for Slack Users

About moving people to Stack Overflow: I would just like to comment on this because I think it is very important.

Maybe a little off-topic for this thread, but it should be made very clear to everone, that trying to get people to use a certain site or tool is not an easy task and StackOverflow in itself is a very special case.

Just for the heck of it, try to ask a beginner question on StackOverflow. Or try to ask what would be a good search extension for TYPO3 or the future of Extbase. Or better still, don’t ask something about TYPO3, ask about PHP or something else with more traffic where people actually close, delete and downvote questions. And yes, you can get banned for asking low-quality questions (didn’t happen to me).

So, a totally different concept from what we have in Slack right now, where people can ask stupid questions and I for example did ask a lot of them and the experience is very much different.

Now the more experienced people will know what to ask on SO and what is a better fit for Slack or something else. But, this should be made very clear and it should be clear to everyone here and must be considered before we start directing people here or there and disrupting something which works quiet well. I’m with Jan on that.

StackOverflow is a great site but it cannot be used for everything. It is not a support forum, that is stated very clearly. I have read a lot of stuff on and if necessary I can dig up some more data and examples for making a little clearer, what I mean.

What I would like to see more is having a place to search for answers, but actually even better would be if the documentation would be updated and extended and some things simplified. Then people wouldn’t need to ask so many qustions in the first place …

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