Report From a Two-Day Code Sprint at the TYPO3 Offices in Düsseldorf, Germany

Once inside, I found myself in a modern, spacious set of offices. A stage was still set up from a big party that had taken place a few days before. Orange bean bags were scattered around. Fruit and chocolate were laid out in the kitchen. A few people were sat working at computers. Along the corridor I found the Documentation team in a meeting room working at their laptops. They were Lina and Tom Warwick (TYPO3 Documentation Team) as well as Mathias Bolt Lesniak (TYPO3 board) and Alexander Turek (freelancer). The code sprint had started.

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Hi Sarah,
thanks a lot for your report about the code sprint at the TYPO3 headquarter.
I hope it inspires other people from the TYPO3 universe considering a participation in a code sprint.
And yes, code sprints are not only for people who can code, we also need people who test, design, document and proof read.

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