Rename "Admin Panel"

Rename TYPO3 “Admin Panel” to a better name.

The problem

  • Many new TYPO3 users are confusing the term “Admin Panel” with the backend. As in many other systems (WP, Drupal, Magento,…) the “Admin Panel” (or “Administration Panel”) means the place we call “Backend”.
  • It also doesn’t wholly describe the functionality of the extension.

See the whole discussion here:

This voting is about finding a better name for it.

The names can be divided into:

  • What it does (debug, profile, inspect)
  • What it looks like (console, panel, bar, toolbar)

As @bberger researched Better name for AdminPanel - #21 by bberger - Discuss Topics - TYPO3 Decisions many other cms’es uses “Debug bar/toolbar” as a name.

However the argument that the tool is not used only for debugging and it should have a name more apealing to editors is also valid (e.g. Inspector, Console).


  • Debug Bar
  • Debug panel
  • Debug Toolbar
  • Debug Console
  • Insight Toolbar
  • Page Inspector
  • Website Panel
  • Website Console
  • Site Console
  • Profiler toolbar
  • Do not change the name
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