Real User Testing to Guide Backend Improvements

Application by
Rachel Foucard

What is your idea about?
We need to get real end-user testing videos to help us identify the UX improvements we should prioritize. Also it will help us to test the improvements we implemented before merging them to the Core.

By real end users, we mean end users that don’t use TYPO3 all day long, from other countries like the US, and that will have suggestions that go beyond the usual boundaries. The Userbrain testers will not have heard of TYPO3, so they will provide a fresh perspective. The “internal” testers will know TYPO3 and have the perspective of current editors.

What is the potential impact of your idea?
We currently lack organized user testing for TYPO3 UX improvements. This project will develop and execute a workflow to incorporate such user testing into Core development work. It will facilitate and guide UX improvements to TYPO3 that benefit everyone.

Who can / should implement your idea?
The UX Initiative members will take care of this task

Approximate Funds needed
€5,000 - €10,000

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Hi, just to complete the information, I see that the “Additional Comments to Funds needed” that I wrote in the form is missing:

Two interfaces will be tested: the actual TYPO3 demo website and the UX pilot:

The Userbrain solution offers pricing that fits our needs by providing 3 external and 3 internal users per month ( This provides the right amount of testing that our group can intake and make good use of.

The UX Initiative will do this work. On a monthly basis, we will: 1) prepare and set the scenarios in the Userbrain testing interface; 2) organize the testing sessions with external and internal users; 3) write and publish reports about the results to the TYPO3 community; 4) recommend improvements to make in the next TYPO3 version.

This budget does not include the time to implement the changes, only to do the research, analyze the results, and present the findings.

All work will be done remotely. There will not be travel or other related expenses.

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