Rachel Foucard - candidate for the 2022 board election

I learned how to develop my first websites with TYPO3 in 2005. I co-created a TYPO3 web agency with my husband in France in 2009. I am active member of the French TYPO3 committee since its creation, I became the head of this team in 2016. I organize French events like the TYPO3 Camp Nantes every year, to keep the French TYPO3 community growing. I work with the wonderful Structured Content Initiative team since 2019, and I founded the the UX Initiative that I now lead. I joined the TYPO3 board two years ago and participated in the events committee, the GA organization, the budget, or in product strategy and innovation workshops. I am tenacious but open-minded. I am quite optimistic. I say what I think. Consistency and teamwork are important values for me.

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Hi TYPO3 community! If you have any question, feel free to ask me :slight_smile: