Public user profiles

by Mathias Bolt Lesniak

What is your idea about?
"Answering the question ““who is this?”” whenever a user is mentioned on one of TYPO3’s official websites.

Developing public user profiles for will allow individuals to show their TYPO3-specific information to the TYPO3 community. It will also solve a number of practical issues for maintainers of official TYPO3 websites, by allowing them to link to a single page with more information about code contributors, board members, team leads, article authors, etc.

Over time, each user profile page could also become a portal to that user’s community activities and roles: Listing team and association memberships, contributions (code and elsewhere), conference participation, etc. (For inspiration, check out’s profiles:

Of course, the profiles should also be opt-in and users should be able to select what information is visible — both to other logged-in users and to the general public."

What do you want to achieve by the end of Q1 2024?
"The Q1 goal is to build a minimal viable product, because a lot of time will go into finding the best approach for API access. Ideally, the profiles will be hosted as a part of using low-level APIs. Alternatively, the profiles must be hosted on a separate domain ( and use higher-level APIs and separate data storage.

MVP goals:

— API access and hosting is settled.
— Set up coding style and contribution rules similar to TYPO3 Core.
— Create public repository to enable code contribution and ideas.
— Develop MVP public profile design.
— Develop MVP public-facing user profile with username, name, title, bio, and portrait fields (possibly more).
— Develop MVP user profile editing interface supporting editing the above fields and configuring visibility settings for these. (Username cannot be edited.)
— Configuring possibility for admin to access and edit profile information."

What is the potential impact of your idea for the overall goal?
"Public profiles for users has long been a much-requested feature. It makes it possible for individuals to show their TYPO3-specific information to the TYPO3 community and allowing TYPO3 websites to link to a single page with more information about a person.

Imagine clicking on the author’s name in an article on and being sent to a profile page with that person’s bio and links. Imagine always being able to show ““Leader of the Video Team”” together with a particular team lead’s name."

Which budget do you need for your idea?
7.500 Euro


As my.typo3 is done by TYPO3 GmbH: Can we save that budget? Implementation would be covered by TYPO3 GmbH.


Thank you, Daniel. This is a generous offer that will free up funds for a fifth idea to be implemented. :clap:

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If these profiles could also be used for handing out Acknowledgements to contributors of your team in the reimbursementtool (for those that agreed) that would be great.

Thank you for the suggestion! Not a feature for the MVP, but maybe something for the future!

Feel free to tell more about how such a functionality could work.