Provide QA Best Practices usable by TYPO3 Community

Application by
Daniel Siepmann

What is your idea about?
Just like last years we wanna provide best practices which can be picked by the community. We already worked on best practices for extension development. We now wanna shift focus to best practices for projects.

We also want to continue with our work to provide best practice examples for TYPO3 extensions on GitHub and GitLab. The results from 2021 can be viewed at GitHub - TYPO3-Documentation/tea: Example extension for unit testing and best practices. and qa / example-extension · GitLab.

What is the potential impact of your idea?
The community and newcomers should have a single example they can follow to set up extensions, projects, and CI. That should ease the initial hurdle to set up new extensions and projects, e.g., following CGL, Testing, etc.

Who can / should implement your idea?
The existing team will continue, which consits of Oliver Klee and Łukasz Uznański. But everyone is welcome.

Approximate Funds needed
below €5,000

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We already met with team and will re-use the existing base in order to provide best practices for TYPO3 projects (beside extensions).
We will build on the existing foundation and improve together with the demo team.